How to choose the right cleaning cloth

The main kinds of
1. Multipurpose cleaning cloths: In a variety of sizes, with and without fingers, can be used in all areas of the home.
2. Special cleaning cloth: it is a kind of thick and soft cleaning cloth that is very comfortable to use. It is suitable for cleaning air fans and other greasy utensils.
3. Kitchen cleaning cloth: specially used for kitchen cleaning, can effectively remove bacteria. 4. Micro sponge cleaning cloth: made of cloth and net surface, water absorbing and wear-resistant, widely used.
5. Cleaning cloth that you can put your gloves in: Very convenient for wiping mirrors, faucets, door handles.
6. Precision instrument cleaning cloth: used for dust-free cleaning and wiping medical instruments.
7. Mobile phone special cleaning cloth: wipe the mobile phone screen.
8. Watch special cleaning cloth: watch mirror cleaning.
9. Special cleaning cloth for Musical Instruments: remove dust on the surface of Musical Instruments.
10. Car special cleaning cloth: car appearance cleaning, interior cleaning.


How to maintain

If the cleaning cloth is dirty, it should be washed immediately with soapy water, by hand or in the washing machine. Cannot use alkalescent bleach or softener, lest clean cloth becomes discolored, spread out after washing bask can.

The main features
Unique flat microfiber: made of unique flat microfiber imported from Japan, it can quickly and efficiently absorb fingerprints, grease and dust.
High efficiency micro fiber suction volume: the product surface of the suction volume in wipe test increased the contact area, fast and efficient suction volume dust, and the dust volume hidden, avoid secondary pollution to the surface of the damage.
Has a certain cleaning power: decontamination effect is good, without any detergent, quickly clean the surface; No water marks after wiping, and keep the surface of the articles bright.
With good durability: no silk, no ring, no bacteria, its water absorption, drying, durability are 5 times of ordinary fiber.
Efficient environmental protection cleaner: strong decontamination, thorough cleaning, no residue, anti-fog and dustproof, anti-static, PH neutral, no corrosion, environmental protection formula, protect the environment, safe and reliable.
Liangjie advanced cleaning brush: made of imported nylon wool and high quality wood rod, it can conveniently clean the dust between the cracks.
It is especially suitable for household, restaurant, hospital, school or food processing place.
The product is made of pure natural fiber, no chemical composition, non-toxic and tasteless, no mildew, safe and healthy, to ensure the health of your family.
Special decontamination net layer can easily remove grease and stains.
This product is soft in water, strong water absorption, wipe without trace, does not hurt the surface of the object.
Its special effect, running water washing without adding detergent.

Matters needing attention
1. Be careful not to scratch the cleaning cloth because solid garbage and sand particles may be encountered when wiping.
2. Be careful not to scratch silver and gold when wiping.
3. Do not use alkaline bleach when cleaning cloths.

The pros and cons analysis
Pure cotton: epidemic prevention experts said, pure cotton feel good, but easy to expand after water absorption. If you don't wring it out after cleaning, cotton cleaning cloths are prone to bacteria and become sticky. Additional, after pure cotton cleanness cloth is used for a long time, become brittle easily, harden, the effect also can discount greatly.
Fiber: plant fiber hydrophilic, oily, water permeability, than wood fiber dishcloth weak, but wood fiber price will be higher.
Chemical fiber: chemical fiber cleaning cloth is difficult to wash, but the stability is higher, not easy to breed bacteria, now, a lot of car washing shops also use this kind of chemical fiber cleaning cloth, the effect is good.

Post time: Apr-21-2022


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